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Get great milk

Lance Hedrick certainly knows about coffee. Sadly his videos are often way long. This short should be your guide to perfectly textured and heated milk, every time. That’s much more important than latte art, but not as important as the taste of your espresso.

…and another thing. Don’t let your milk stand after you’ve removed it from the wand. The milk and silky foam start to separate quickly.

Have the tip of the wand kissing the milk until the jug matches the temperature of your hand. Then lift the jug to submerge to tip. Keep the vortex going until you cannot bear to touch the jug and then carry on for ten seconds longer. Turn off the steam, keep the tip in the milk until all sound has stopped. Swirl and use quickly.


Make your espresso first, so the milk at 65c (oat milk 55c) can ‘re-heat’ the coffee. If you do the milk first then it cools too much and that lovely microfoam you’ve textured starts to separate. This is true whatever milk based drink you’re making.

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